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spectre_meltdown_checker をかけてみた(最新版)


 CPU には脆弱性があるが、kernel の Mitigation でなんとかこらえている感じか。。

# ./
Spectre and Meltdown mitigation detection tool v0.34+

Checking for vulnerabilities on current system
Kernel is Linux 4.14.14-300.fc27.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Jan 19 13:19:54 UTC 2018 x86_64
CPU is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz

Hardware check
* Hardware support (CPU microcode) for mitigation techniques
* Indirect Branch Restricted Speculation (IBRS)
* SPEC_CTRL MSR is available: YES
* CPU indicates IBRS capability: YES (SPEC_CTRL feature bit)
* Indirect Branch Prediction Barrier (IBPB)
* PRED_CMD MSR is available: YES
* CPU indicates IBPB capability: YES (SPEC_CTRL feature bit)
* Single Thread Indirect Branch Predictors (STIBP)
* SPEC_CTRL MSR is available: YES
* CPU indicates STIBP capability: YES
* Enhanced IBRS (IBRS_ALL)
* CPU indicates ARCH_CAPABILITIES MSR availability: NO
* ARCH_CAPABILITIES MSR advertises IBRS_ALL capability: NO
* CPU explicitly indicates not being vulnerable to Meltdown (RDCL_NO): NO
* CPU microcode is known to cause stability problems: YES (model 94 stepping 3 ucode 0xc2)

The microcode your CPU is running on is known to cause instability problems,
such as intempestive reboots or random crashes.
You are advised to either revert to a previous microcode version (that might not have
the mitigations for Spectre), or upgrade to a newer one if available.

* CPU vulnerability to the three speculative execution attacks variants
* Vulnerable to Variant 1: YES
* Vulnerable to Variant 2: YES
* Vulnerable to Variant 3: YES

CVE-2017-5753 [bounds check bypass] aka 'Spectre Variant 1'
* Mitigated according to the /sys interface: NO (kernel confirms your system is vulnerable)
* Kernel has array_index_mask_nospec: NO
* Checking count of LFENCE instructions following a jump in kernel: NO (only 5 jump-then-lfence instructions found, should be >= 30 (heuristic))
> STATUS: VULNERABLE (Kernel source needs to be patched to mitigate the vulnerability)

CVE-2017-5715 [branch target injection] aka 'Spectre Variant 2'
* Mitigated according to the /sys interface: YES (kernel confirms that the mitigation is active)
* Mitigation 1
* Kernel is compiled with IBRS/IBPB support: NO
* Currently enabled features
* IBRS enabled for Kernel space: NO
* IBRS enabled for User space: NO
* IBPB enabled: NO
* Mitigation 2
* Kernel compiled with retpoline option: YES
* Kernel compiled with a retpoline-aware compiler: YES (kernel reports full retpoline compilation)
* Retpoline enabled: YES
> STATUS: NOT VULNERABLE (Mitigation: Full generic retpoline)

CVE-2017-5754 [rogue data cache load] aka 'Meltdown' aka 'Variant 3'
* Mitigated according to the /sys interface: YES (kernel confirms that the mitigation is active)
* Kernel supports Page Table Isolation (PTI): YES
* PTI enabled and active: YES
* Running as a Xen PV DomU: NO

A false sense of security is worse than no security at all, see --disclaimer